Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent in Maricopa AZ

You Need a Maricopa Real Estate Agent – Who Lives, Works and LOVES Maricopa

looking for a realtorAre you looking for a Real Estate Agent to either help you sell your Maricopa home or to purchase a home in Maricopa?

Here is why it is crucial that you use a local Maricopa Real Estate Agent.


Maricopa is located 20 minutes south of the Phoenix East Valley. As an isolated city, it is growing once again. While many people associate Maricopa with Phoenix, the reality is, it is actually not in Maricopa County (as Phoenix is) but actually part of Pinal County.  Yet, even though Maricopa is part of Pinal County, many of our residents work or travel into Phoenix.  Confused?  Well so are many out-of-area agents.  The reality is, we have a small-town feel.



Maricopa is a small city yet we have lots of differences in the various areas within. We have a large area with acreage homes for example. We also have 18 HOA subdivisions each with its own pros and cons based on people’s desires. For example, what might seem like a 1/2 mile difference between subdivisions can seem like a lifetime to some commuters.  Each Maricopa subdivision has different amenities. Not to mention that some areas have heavy entertainment and others more food options.



ToledoThere are several homes that are identical models in 3-4 different subdivisions.  You need an agent that knows that in subdivision A that home is $129,000 and in subdivision C it is 229,000.  You want an agent to know that difference and why. A Maricopa Real Estate Agent should and better know those reasons or it could cost you lots of money. Very few Agents from out of the area even know this information or that it even exists.

Drive to MaricopaDID I MENTION THE DRIVE? Not just your commute, how about the Agents?

Let’s say you have listed your home with an agent from out of the area. More than likely that agent lives an hour or so away. A buyer drives by your home sees the for sale sign and would like to take a look at it so they call the number on the sign. What do you think the odds are of that Scottsdale or Gilbert Agent driving to Maricopa to show it?  I’m not knocking out of town agents. Many are great, however, they are a fish out of water just like a Maricopa agent would be in their city. Two very different communities with different quirks and different needs by the local citizens. You want a Maricopa Real Estate Agent that knows these quirks.



I could give you a long list of reasons you need a local Maricopa Real Estate Agent. The bottom line is, you want someone that lives, works, and loves Maricopa. Those of us that do, focus our energy on Maricopa to ensure that our current and future Maricopa residence get the best service possible.

If you are looking to list your Maricopa home for sale or search for your new home in Maricopa, we would love to help.  As Maricopa residents, we hope to help make sure this major decision is made with knowledge. Knowledge we can help provide. Not to mention the customer service and coaching we pride ourselves on giving each and every client. We hope to be part of your home team.

If you have any questions on either selling or purchasing a Maricopa home, please feel free to reach out.

We are here to help.  The Maricopa Home Team

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