Why You Need to Have Your Own Real Estate Agent When Purchasing a New Build Home

Thinking of Getting a New Build Home in the City of Maricopa?

Thinking about getting a brand spanking new home? One that no one else has lived in? None of their problems. One you know is just perfect, new and has no issues!

Or Does It???

buy new houseI remember when I bought my first brand new home. I was so excited, no more old stuff breaking down! You see, my first home was build in 1955 and my second home was built in 1977, so I was used to having a home that had issues with older parts and aging appliances. So, when I was able to get into a new home, I was looking forward to not having any issues to deal with.

My new build home did have new stuff, no past issues and looked pretty as heck.

I loved it!

However, during the purchasing process, we had a few hiccups with the completion and some missed deadlines. I felt my concerns were falling on deaf ears. Then it dawned on me, the agent was working for both the builder and myself. And let’s face it, the builder paid their paycheck. I was just another person that would fade away soon.

Here is when I learned I wish I would have known that I still needed a real estate agent to represent me when I bought a new home build. During the buying process, an agent could have saved me a few thousand dollars that I ended up paying later due to the delays and problems and they could have saved me time.

Later, once I became a Realtor, I helped a client with a new build and there were so many issues my poor clients had to deal with. We had issues with the builder, with deadlines, with poor workmanship, you name it. I know they were so thankful that they had me there to help them through this.

While not all experiences are bad, you want to be prepared just in case. You want someone on your side to review the builder contract with you and to ensure you are aware of what you are signing up for, for deadlines or that any verbal promises are in writing.

Some of these builder agents are awesome people. But since this process can take anywhere from 2 months to 9 months, you want someone that will be there for you the whole time.

My team & I would love to represent you.

We want to be part of your home buying team!

And because we know how important this is for you, we are even offering you a cool offer. More on this in a moment

Here is a key thing you need to know. Your representative (hopefully one of us) needs to accompany you on your first visit to the builder. They will typically only acknowledge you have a representative on your behalf if they show up on the first visit.

We can set aside a day and visit these places with you and get you registered.

Even better

  • We can share what we see as the pros and cons of your purchase
  • We can ensure you the true cost of the home
    • Remember, model homes are often different than the one you get at the base price
  • We will help identify any upgrade pricing you will have added on
  • We will help review the contract you are about to sign
  • We will be there for your inspections and your concerns are expressed

So please reach out and let’s get this party started!! Email:

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