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Buy a Home in Maricopa Arizona

Why Rent in Phoenix when you can Buy a Home in Maricopa

rent phoenix buy maricopa

Rent in Phoenix AZ vs Buy in Maricopa AZ?

rent phoenix buy maricopaThe title of this article poses a good question to ask yourself. Perhaps in Phoenix, AZ you have heard whispers in the street of this far away place called Maricopa.

What is this town? Why do people move there? Well, I’ll touch on a few topics that may shed some light.

As of January 2017 the average rental price of a one bedroom apartment in Phoenix is $904 per month. For a two bedroom apartment the average is $1085 per month. Now, if you were to buy in Maricopa you could have a single family home, lots of space, no landlord, no worries about being denied because you have pets, and best of all… your mortgage could be less expensive than your rent.

Let’s look at an example. You can find a nice house in Maricopa now with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for about $135,000. Doing some quick math and considering zero down payment your mortgage would be about $800 with taxes and insurance included. That’s a good deal!

So what’s the big deal with Maricopa?

Sure if you work in the valley you’d have to commute but the distance from Maricopa to Phoenix is only about 27 miles.

  1. Most of Maricopa’s homes are newer since the majority were built at least in 2002. So you don’t have to worry about those things you might run into buying an older house.
  2. Since Maricopa is still young and developing. There are lots of plans for the future in the works. The city is also working to have another highway built that will take you in a straight line from Maricopa to Phoenix. That would help with the commute!
  3. You still get more house for your money. Prices have gone up everywhere in the last few years but Maricopa is still sizzling hot in the market.
  4. Maricopa has a small town feel. Even though Maricopa is pretty big, it’s still small enough that you may run into familiar faces in the supermarket.
  5. There are lots of entertainment options such as a movie theater, arcade, restaurants, bowling alley, bars, community events, and a Harrah’s casino.

You may be thinking that you’d love to buy a home but you don’t think your credit is good enough. Or you have too much debt. Or it’s just plain scary. Whatever your worry is it is worth looking into as an option. If you’re ready to look into it, contact me at the info below and we’ll see if buying instead of renting is an option.

Remember, why rent a home in Phoenix when you can buy a home in Maricopa for the same if not much less?

Before your next move, you should look at buying in Maricopa. Give me a call


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