Looking to Sell Your House in Maricopa?

You Need a Maricopa Agent!


Rancho el Dorado in Maricopa
Rancho el Dorado in Maricopa

I know what you are thinking, of course I’m going to say you need a Maricopa Agent to sell your Maricopa home, after all I’m an agent that lives in Maricopa. But I promise you, that isn’t my motivation. Those that know me, know that I only want what is best for folks and I truly believe in my heart that you will see the best results by using a local agent. Let me explain 3 reasons why I believe you are better off with an agent that lives and works in Maricopa.


Reason 1 – Not all Maricopa Subdivisions are Equal in Value due to Location

A lot of folks from the valley are great at knowing their own communities. Each community is made up of the different parts. For example, with Maricopa, not only do we have the 17 subdivisions we also have a whole section of acreage that has different values depending on where your land is located. This is no different from the subdivisions.

When looking at our subdivisions, we have some with community pools, one with a fitness center, most have parks and tot lots and some have lakes within them. Then we have some that are at the front of the city for quick access out-of-town and some nestled further east. We have some north of the tracks and some south of the tracks. Everyone puts a different value on what each of these locations and amenities mean to them and how much they are willing to pay for them. You need an agent that understands these little nuances.


Reason 2 – Different Values within a Subdivision

While subdivisions can vary on where they are located in Maricopa, believe or not, your home’s value can also change dramatically but where it is located within that subdivision. Let’s take one of the most diverse subdivisions we have… Rancho el Dorado.  You can have a 1600 sq ft home in Rancho el Dorado and the price can vary anywhere from say $135,000 to $235,000. That is a huge difference! As many of you know, Rancho is a pretty large subdivision.

The Duke Golf Course adds a whole new dynamic to pricing. Folks who have a home that back onto the golf course usually get a higher premium than those say around the southern side or northeastern side of the subdivision. Even some of the streets just outside of the golf course can have a big swing. You also experience this when two subdivisions overlap. For example, you notice this in area of Alterra and Maricopa Meadows. The same house will vary even though they are only a few streets apart. Does your agent understand this?


Move to MaricopaReason 3 – Showing Your Home & Responding to Inquiries

One of the biggest challenges that listing your home will have with an out of area agent is something you might not even know you are being neglected on.  Let’s say a potential buyer drives by your home, sees the sign and calls to set up a showing. They are in the area and would like to see if they could see it anytime before they leave to head back out of Maricopa (many buyers do not live here currently and visit the area to discover if they like it).  Those of us that live locally, often will get calls from folks standing outside a home who wonder if we could show the home since the agent stated they lived over an hour away and couldn’t make it out. When your agent lives here, they can usually break away or get a fellow agent to run out real quick.

The other benefit with local agents is, we tend to drive by your home on a regular basis. This is extremely beneficial for those that have had to move away and hope to have an extra set of eyes on the home. Local agents can provide this service. Many out of area agents only visit your home when they are in the area and this can stretch for weeks if not months at a time.


We know there are some great agents out there. Both in Maricopa and out. I’ve met some fantastic agents from the Valley.  However, just like a Maricopa agent might not be the best or most informed agent for property in say Tempe or Scottsdale, neither are they for Maricopa. We each usually specialize in our local areas. Each town and local area has unique challenges and quirks.


Don’t you want an agent that understands your Maricopa home?


You want an agent that understands not only how to list your home, but you want one that understands the potential buyers of your home. So those that live here understand better than anyone. We can help navigate both sides of the transaction due to our history and experience in Maricopa.

So before you settle on an agent, talk to a few. See how well they understand the unique challenges your home will have. And as always, make sure they will be honest with you. A good agent tells you both the pros and cons. Not just what they think you want to hear but more what you need to hear.


I’ve lived here since 2004 and love it. I understand that some folks sell their home to either move up in Maricopa or to head to a new area. Whatever your reason, I’d love to help!

Matter of fact, all of us here at the Maricopa Home Team live, work and love Maricopa.  Any of us would love to help you either purchase or sell your home.




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