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Those “other” websites use an average of other homes that may or may not be similar to yours, that is why they are more of an “estimate”

What I do is dive into your specific home and using date of similar homes and your specific subdivision I’ll get you a more accurate number you can count on.  But more importantly, I’ll explain the “why” this price in my response.


Just looking for a number and not a sales pitch?

No problem! I do not see myself as a salesperson. I will not be calling you unless that is your request. I will do the research and send you an email with the findings. If you would like to reach out afterwards to discuss further, then I’m here when you are ready.

So, if you would like to know your home’s current value, then fill out the form below with the details on your home (Address, size, bedrooms, features we should know about – the more the better as I can get more specific for you).


Oh, don’t worry, like I said, I will not hound you like some other’s. I just ask that when you are ready, you give me the chance to meet or speak with you about possibly listing your home. 

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