How Much Do Utility Bills Cost in Maricopa, AZ

What Should I Expect My Utilities to Cost in Maricopa, AZ

Utilities in MaricopaYou may be considering buying a home that is for sale in Maricopa, AZ. One thought that may cross your mind is “what are the utility bills going to be?”. Well, realtors don’t talk much about utility costs because each house could be different and it’s tough to provide estimates.

Being a realtor in Maricopa I have seen mostly gas water heaters, furnaces and clothes dryers. A/C is usually electric. I currently live in a one story 1500 square foot house in Rancho el Dorado. My gas bill is usually around $35/month. My water bill is almost always $99… that includes sewer which is the majority of the bill. My electric bill ranges from $70 in the winter to $250 in the summer when running the air conditioner all day at a comfortable temperature.

I always recommend being as efficient as possible with the a/c by closing vents in rooms you don’t always use, use blinds or curtains to block the sun in the summer. Use a programmable thermostat to change the temperature when you are not in the house or at night.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home in Maricopa you can call the utility companies and request a year’s worth of bills so you can see what the previous owners were paying. This is a big help. Below is the contact information for you…

Southwest Gas
(877) 860-6020

Electrical District 3
(520) 424-9021

Global Water
(866) 940-1102


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