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You’ve done your research and you’ve realized that Maricopa, AZ is a great place to live. Awesome! Welcome to our family. Now the question becomes,

“Where in Maricopa Should I Buy”?

For a small town, we sure do have a couple of ways to determine the answer to this question. My first answer is…   Maricopa has great communities no matter where you chose. From anywhere in the city you can be at any of our shopping, community, or entertainment areas in less than 15 minutes regardless of where you decide to move your family. And only 15 – 25 minutes if your live out on the acreage.

However, most people do tend to look at where to live one of four ways. Let’s take a closer look…

Rancho Mirage Lake

Option A – Anywhere. That’s right. They are open to anywhere in Maricopa. The key factor for these folks is that the home fits the needs they are looking for (i.e. size, pool, community features, style, etc.). The pros to this option is, not all subdivisions are the same. Some great prices can be found for those willing to be slightly outside of the main road (communities like Tortosa, Sorrento, Rancho Mirage, Desert Passages to name a few).



Cobblestone Farms Maricopa 1

Option B – Those that commute into the Phoenix area on a daily basis. Typically these folks are wanting the quickest path to getting to work in the morning. They want to “get out of Dodge” as they say, with as little extra time as possible. While our town is small, they feel that extra 10 – 15 minutes just adds to their already long day. These folks tend to look in Rancho El Dorado, Cobblestone, Acacia, and The Villages for their next home. All four subdivisions will have you leaving the city limits within minutes.



Option C – Close to shopping and schools and our local employment areas. Many folks like the convenience of living in Glennwilde or Senita to be close to the town’s Pacana Park or Walmart. Many subdivisions have a local elementary school very close by as we have quite a few. While others find Alterra or Maricopa Meadows to be great places due to an elementary, middle school and the high school all within these two communities. When you have kids going to all three, this can be very convenient!


Sorrento Splash Pad

Option D – Community Features. We have several communities with community pools, splash pads, lakes, golf course, club house, tennis courts, you name it. Then we have others which may not have the bells and whistles but they still have some great kid parks and great values.


Maricopa Railroad

What about those railroad tracks I keep hearing about? 

Occasionally you will hear about folks wanting to be on either side of our railroad tracks. Yes, Maricopa was a huge hub at one point for the railroad and to this day we still get quite a few trains that cross through our town. We are even one of the Amtrak drop off points for Arizona. This can be a pain at times but most folks learn to time the Amtrak trains (which can take a bit of time). Most other trains slow you down at most 5 minutes but they are part of our culture and yet the town is looking for long term solutions. However, I can tell you, you can pick up some great deals on the other side of the tracks, check out the nice homes in Desert Cedars or Palo Brea.


Maricopa Railroad

Maricopa Has Options!

As you can see, for a small city we have lots to consider. The right agent can help you navigate these options and help you with the pros and cons of each subdivision. Remember, you want an agent that will take the time to listen to your needs and help you find the right home for you and your family!  Most importantly, you want a local Maricopa Agent!


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If you ever have any questions, just let me know!