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Buy a Home in Maricopa Arizona
Utilities in Maricopa

Maricopa Utility Companies

Moving to Maricopa?

 The majority of Maricopa uses the following primary utilities.

However, if purchasing land just outside of town, the water companies and cable / internet companies are varied. You may need to verify with the carrier if they cover that area.

**Don’t forget to turn on your utilities prior to closing on your new home to avoid additional charges. Most times they can just transfer into your name. 



ED3 / Electric District Number 3 – Call: (520) 424-9021  |   Local Office: 41664 W. Smith Enke Rd.  Ste. 100, Maricopa, AZ 85138  |  Website: https://www.ed3online.org/



Global Water Company (Services Subdivisions) – Call: (520) 568-4452 | Local Office:  22590 Powers Parkway, Maricopa AZ 85138  |  Website: https://www.gwresources.com/

Thunderbird Farms Improvement District (acreage) – Call 520-568-2663  |  Local Office: 10675 N Brewer Rd, Maricopa AZ 85139

Maricopa Mountain Water (hauled on acreage) – Call: 520-424-9646

***There are other options for acreage water – ask your agent who services the parcel you are purchasing



Southwest Gas – Call: 877-860-6020 | no local office  | Website: https://www.swgas.com/


Trash Services:  

Waste Management of AZ  Call: (602) 268-2222 | No local office | Website: Waste Disposal & Recycling | Waste Management (wm.com)


Right Away Disposal   Call: 480-983-9101 | no local office | Website:  https://www.rightawaydisposal.com/


Phone / Cable Companies:

Orbitel Communications – Call: 800-998-8084 | Office: Basha’s Shopping Center North Side | Website: Orbitel Communications – Home


Centurylink Communication  Call: 800-244-1111 | no local office |  Website: https://www.centurylink.com/



For those in HOA’s Orbitel & Centurylink (see above).

For those on acreage try Airbeam 480-257-7000 or Exced – 855-463-9333

* Please note, most HOAs cover for basic Orbitel cable services with your HOA dues –