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5 Quick Easy Tips for Saving for Your Home Down Payment

Saving for your down is now easy with these five ideas: The idea of saving thousands upon thousands of dollars for a down payment can make you feel like you’ll never be able to buy a house. But it doesn’t ...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Maricopa

Why You Need to Have Your Own Real Estate Agent When Purchasing a New Build Home

Thinking of Getting a New Build Home in the City of Maricopa? Thinking about getting a brand spanking new home? One that no one else has lived in? None of their problems. One you know is just perfect, new and has no i...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Home Buying, Homes for Sale, Maricopa

Benefits of Being a First Time Home Buyer in Maricopa, AZ

First Time Home Buyers in Maricopa Maricopa, AZ is a great place to live and a place you can get great deals on homes for sale. Perhaps you are currently renting but would like to know some of the benefits of buying b...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Home Buying, Maricopa

Fishing at Copper Sky Lake

Yes! You Can Fish at Copper Sky Lake in Maricopa If you are looking for a nice relaxing afternoon fishing, no need to head out of town. Just head on over to Copper Sky Lake.  Fishing at Copper Sky is fun and easy. Wit...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Entertainment, Maricopa

How Much Do Utility Bills Cost in Maricopa, AZ

What Should I Expect My Utilities to Cost in Maricopa, AZ You may be considering buying a home that is for sale in Maricopa, AZ. One thought that may cross your mind is “what are the utility bills going to be?”. Well,...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Home Buying, Maricopa

What Questions Are Home Buyers Asking?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]  Realtor.com® Says These 8 Questions are Pretty Popular and I have to Agree! Owning you own home. The American Dream.  Tired of renting and starting to ask what it takes to purchase...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Home Buying, Maricopa, Tips for Buyers