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Maricopa Acreage Homes & Land

Rural Maricopa is the place to be if you are looking for no Home Owners Associations (HOA) , privacy, mountain views and desert landscape.

Horses? No problem. Horses welcome out here! As well as chickens, goats, mules, and many others.

Below you have links to view all the homes for sale in Maricopa on acreage as well as raw land to build your new home on.

Also below, additional information you will need if thinking about living on Maricopa Acreage/Land.

Get to Know the Area

Thunderbird Farms

Thunderbird Farms is centrally located off of Papago Road. This area provides a private water company and some homes do have natural gas. There is a restaurant, gas station, convenience store, feed store and an occasional flea market here.

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a generally used term for the rural areas west and south west of the City of Maricopa with access from Highway 238 to the north and Highway 347 to the east. Hidden Valley has a variety of properties, communities and locations. Paved roads, dirt roads, private water companies, shared wells, private wells, hauled water, acreage size, manufactured homes, custom homes, no Home Owners Associations (HOA), mountain views, privacy, and topography of the land are all elements to consider when choosing to locate here.

Northwest Maricopa Acreage

This area is located north of Palo Verde Foothills up to Highway 238. Access can be from either Ralston Road or Rio Bravo Road off of 238.

This area is popular with folks that want the rural living yet want to get to town in about 10 minutes. Expansive views and ease of commute makes this area very popular.

Palo Verde Foothills

Palo Verde Foothills is just north of the Thunderbird Farms community and west of Ralston and north Papago Road. Many of these properties are nestled against the mountain and have great views. Water in this area varies. Several are hooked to the Thunderbird Water but most have shared wells and some with hauled water. There are vacant parcels and homes with acreage available. Access to the City of Maricopa/Highway 347 can be by Papago Road or Highway 238.

Stanfield / Southern Maricopa

South of Maricopa and off of Highway 84 there are vacant parcels and homes. Stanfield is just east of the 347 intersection. Highway 84 is the approximate south border of the entire Hidden Valley area. Clayton Road is a main road to the west to access many of the properties to the south, There is also a small community with its own water company on the east side of 347 just north of 84.

Saddleback Farms

Saddleback Farms is a smaller rural area south east of Maricopa to the north of Casa Grande Highway. Casa Grande HIghway connects Maricopa to Casa Grande. There is a private water company servicing this area.

It is a smaller community but very popular.


Mobile is a small community about 10 miles north west of the City of Maricopa, The are homes with acreage and land parcels available here.

Mobile is popular with folks looking to get to Buckeye or Gila Bend for their daily commute.

Utilities - What to Expect


Water is service to the rural areas 4 different ways:

1. Private/Community Water Companies – these companies have their own well/wells with water hook-ups to private residences. There is a meter charge plus water usage invoice sent to the owner.

2. Shared wells – the number on a shared well does vary, however, 4 users is common. There is a well agreement that outlines the monthly charge and administrator of the well. Monthly charges are saved in an account for any possible future repairs to the well.

3. Private well – there a a few private wells but this is the least common water option.

4. Hauled water – this is a popular option as there a several water stations where one can fill up their portable tank inexpensively. The water is usually hooked up to a storage tank and pump at the residence and then works like a regular water system. 

Septic Systems

All rural properties with residences have a septic system not a municipal sewer system.The septic system is the alternative to a municipal wastewater system. The septic system is inspected and certified prior to the purchase of the property and is recorded with the deed at close of escrow. The septic system should be registered with the State of Arizona.

Maricopa Utilities


Electrical District #3 (ED#) is the provider for all of our acreage other than Mobile area. They also service the main area of Maricopa and are found in town.  


Southwest Gas only services part of the Thunderbird Farms area.  Propane gas is available for other residences, if desired.


Living in the desert has its pros and cons. While some areas have access to low speed through phone lines, most folks use various internet satellite providers. There are some better than others so do your homework if working from home or streaming. 

Garbage Pick Up / Recycling

These services are available in the rural areas described on the website.

Waste Management is the current company used in these areas. There is also private option available that a lot of folks use.

Things to Know prior to purchasing vacant land:

Maricopa Land for Sale1. Raw land is acreage with little or no improvements. Improvements include electric, phone, gas, water and septic. Raw land also involves an impact fee from the county when building. It is important to check the amount of that fee with Pinal County prior to purchasing a parcel of raw land.

2. There are acreages that do have a shared well and/or a septic system in place. Electricity is available on most rural parcels.

3. Financing may be available on some parcels. The down payment and interest rate is usually higher. Most land purchases are cash or Seller Carry.

Things to know when purchasing homes with acreage:

1. The types of financing include conventional, FHA, VA and the Seller Carry option. Not all lenders will provide financing for manufactured homes with acreage.

2. Manufactured homes with water (private, shared well, private water company) can be financed with certain lenders experienced in this type of transaction.

3. Manufactured or site built homes with a hauled water system do not qualify for a loan. Cash or Seller Carry options would be necessary.

Buyers should consult with a Realtor to obtain Mortgage Company and Bank recommendations on their desired acreage property.

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