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5 Quick Easy Tips for Saving for Your Home Down Payment

Saving for your down is now easy with these five ideas: The idea of saving thousands upon thousands of dollars for a down payment can make you feel like you’ll never be able to buy a house. But it doesn’t ...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Maricopa

Why You Need to Have Your Own Real Estate Agent When Purchasing a New Build Home

Thinking of Getting a New Build Home in the City of Maricopa? Thinking about getting a brand spanking new home? One that no one else has lived in? None of their problems. One you know is just perfect, new and has no i...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Home Buying, Homes for Sale, Maricopa

Benefits of Being a First Time Home Buyer in Maricopa, AZ

First Time Home Buyers in Maricopa Maricopa, AZ is a great place to live and a place you can get great deals on homes for sale. Perhaps you are currently renting but would like to know some of the benefits of buying b...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Home Buying, Maricopa

Fishing at Copper Sky Lake

Yes! You Can Fish at Copper Sky Lake in Maricopa If you are looking for a nice relaxing afternoon fishing, no need to head out of town. Just head on over to Copper Sky Lake.  Fishing at Copper Sky is fun and easy. Wit...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Entertainment, Maricopa

How Much Do Utility Bills Cost in Maricopa, AZ

What Should I Expect My Utilities to Cost in Maricopa, AZ You may be considering buying a home that is for sale in Maricopa, AZ. One thought that may cross your mind is “what are the utility bills going to be?”. Well,...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Home Buying, Maricopa

Homeowners Beware: Soon Your Late HOA Fees Could Hurt Your FICO Score

There is a Push to Make HOA Fees a Top Priority for HomeOwners Currently most HOAs don’t report your late payments but that might not be the case soon. FICO scores could be hit hard by those that don’t pay...
Posted by: Tammy Adams
Categories: Home Buying, Tips for Buyers