A Great Year for Maricopa Home Sales!


Sell Maricopa HomeAs we close out the books on 2016 you are probably wondering how we did here in Maricopa with home sales. The great news is, our home sales were up 12.5%!  We sold 200 more homes in 2016 than we did in 2015.

The top subdivision was Rancho el Dorado who had 314 Homes sold. Homestead, with strong new builds came in second with 171 homes sold. Rounding out the top 3 was The Villages with 162 homes sold

We saw a lot of investors sell off their homes (both rentals and Canadian visitors). This really help boost Maricopa to more permanent long term residence. Which is great as it helps us bring more business to town. Which you can see with our new additions this past year and the grading for new business coming.  As a 12 year resident, I’m excited for what is coming for Maricopa!

Here is a breakdown by area if you are curious: 


Total Maricopa Home Sales: 1800 Homes

Homes in Subdivision: 1702 Homes

Homes out on Acreage: 95 Homes

Non HOA Homes in Town: 5 Homes

Breakdown By Subdivision:

Acacia Crossings: 67

Alterra: 75

Cobblestone Farms: 74

Desert Cedars: 35

Desert Passage: 41

Glennwilde Groves: 131

Homestead: 171

The Lakes of Rancho: 66

Maricopa Meadows: 135

Palo Brea: 14

Province: 128

Rancho El Dorado: 314

Rancho Mirage: 31

Santa Rosa Springs: 15

Senita: 112

Sorrento: 33

Tortosa: 96

The Villages of Rancho: 162


Here is to a great 2017 for Maricopa Home Sales!