Your Final Steps Before Moving into your New Maricopa Home

buying a home in MaricopaYou’ve gotten under contract and are days away from getting the keys to your new home. What should you be thinking about and preparing for? It is an exciting time where thoughts may be filling your head and you can’t wait to have the home buying process done with, finally. Below are 3 things to consider right before closing on your home.

Final Walk Through

In Arizona, a final walk through of the home should occur no more than 3 days prior to close. This is where you can take a final look at the home and the property to make sure the inspection concerns have been addressed and completed, the house is in substantially the same condition as when you first received an accepted offer. If it’s not and there are issues you may need address and closing could be postponed. If so, a CURE period would need to be instated by the seller within 3 days of delivery of the notice.


Have you thought about your new utilities? You will need to switch over the utilities into your name when you own the home officially. It’s a good idea to have your real estate agent coordinate with the listing agent so you can avoid a break in services. If there is a break you may need to pay extra activation fees. So a smooth transition from the sellers name to the buyers name is nice. Utilities would include gas, electric, and water along with others.

The Big Move

Are you ready to move? Do you have a move date picked out? You’ll want to make your reservation for movers or renting a truck. Do you have friends or family to help out? The more the merrier. Do you know where to put all of the furniture? Did you measure windows if you plan on putting up blinds or curtains? How about a good cleaning of the home prior to moving in? Steam cleaning of the rugs? Do an extra special cleaning of the fridge? It may seem like a lot but just take it slow and steady. You will do fine!

Moving into a new home is a great experience. It’s a big accomplishment and you can be proud of yourself. The process is not an easy one but it’s definitely rewarding to have a new place to call your own.
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Jason Bechtold